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_Banner Slider – R120
_Front Box page – R100
_Dexterity Radio Slider – R150
_Newsletter Sales – R500 (Above 50000 subscribers)
_Dexterity Radio Box Page – R100
_Advertisements on Dexterity Radio – R1000

Please note we have a return policy if products are returned, and this will affect you as the client. Refer to the for more information on the delivery, refund, return and retail policies. I therefore agree to be paid (tick one) monthly / quarterly / yearly into my account above. I/we authorise sales of my/our products on DS Dexterity and if there will be any changes of banking information I/we will notify DS Dexterity via email fourteen (14) days before payment is made. In the event that a payment is made to an incorrect account provided above by the seller, the responsibility will be with the client. DS Dexterity will not be held liable for such an error. I/we hereby approve and grant DS Dexterity to pay only to the account number stated above and will not ask for cash. DS DEXTERITY DOES NOT PAY OUT IN CASH, ONLY EFT PAYMENTS.

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